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Always keep in mind that MARKETING is the most important part of your Internet advertising investment. You can have a great looking site, but if no one can find it, it is worthless. Getting your site visible is our specialty. We will get you the traffic you need to sell your product.

Marketing is done by submitting & placing your site in the top search engines: (and then in specialty seach engines that are specific to your product or industry) Some of the main search engines are:

Yahoo - Go - AltaVista - AllTheWeb - MSN - Bing
Google - AOL NetFind - EuroSeek - iWon - Netscape
HotBot - Lycos Webcrawler

Our search engine list.

Every few months at first, and every 4-6 months once you are established, a COMPLETE search is performed and recorded on your placement in the search engines. Then your site is resubmitted in weak areas and rechecked in 10 days. Our marketing also includes examining and submitting to specialty search engines, exchanging links with other sites (with your assistance), AND an hours worth of updates (non accumulative) as an incentive to our clients to keep their sites fresh, etc...

Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and visible to the world, with a professional presence. We strive to give you the newest, cleanest, and fastest web site using the ever evolving technology of the Internet. We have the ability to get you where you will be seen. Research is constantly being done on the Search Engines so we can keep your site listing at the top.

We are also now including hosting in our marketing fee. This is an added value to our customers, but it also helps us. If we are hosting your site, we are able to set up statistics and emails so that we can monitor traffic to your site as well as set up email accounts so that when we submit to the search engines we appear to be one of your employees instead of an outside agent.

One last thing, you also get a free link & advertising on our well established websites. Having a well establish site linked to yours will also help your ranking in some search engines as well as bring you additional traffic.

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