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Top Referring Search Engines
[if you are listed :-)]

  • #1 Google 47%
  • #2 Yahoo 21%
  • #3 MSN 12%
  • #4 AOL 4.7%
  • #5 Netscape 1.8%
  • #6 Ask Jeeves 1.8%
  • #7 My Way 1.4%
Investors Business Daily

  • #1 Yahoo
  • #2 MSN
  • #3 Google
  • #4 AOL
  • #5 Overture
  • #6 AltaVista
  • #7 Ask
Alexa - top in traffic

  • #1 Google 72%
  • #2 Yahoo 15%
  • #3 Bing/MSN 9%
  • #4 Ask 2%
  • #5 AOL 1%

Percentage of traffic coming
to your site from theses -
Top Referring Search Engines
[if you are listed :-)]
  • 30-60% yahoo.com
  • 10-25% google.com
  • 8-20% msn.com
  • 6-11% aol.com
  • 4-5% altavista.com
  • 2-5% netscape.com
  • 2-5% goto.com

The ever growing, changing list of search engines.
AltaVista - Was using Google, but Overture purchased them.
AOL Net Find - Refined search results, DMOZ, Inktomi default. Must submit your site to DMOZ to place in AOL, who may not FEEL like listing your site - all done by human editors
DMOZ - accepts submissions at no charge, but is run by freelance editors who write descriptions that favor sites in which they have an interest. So if they accept your site it is very hard to get them to change the description that they wrote to help you come up under the proper search phrases so AOL and Netscape will pick you up in the searches.
Dot Com Directory - Must have registered your domain through InterNic/Network Solution/VeriSign to be included in this directory. Charge $35.00 per year. Registar.
Euroseek - Europe Submit a site temporarily DOWN. UP and using Google results.
Excite - Submit for $49.95. About/InfoSpace results. Paying through Ah-Ha.com - Enhance.com
Galaxy - Finally Galaxy is back on track and giving relevant results. $5.00 $9.95 submission fee...not bad.
Google - Accepts submission at NO CHARGE :-)! They come in #2 under referring URL next to Yahoo. 2003 now coming in #1.*
I Won - They do not accept any submissions. Feature 10 Overture results, then Google results.
MSN* - Can list through bCentral if you can find it.
Netscape - Google Results.
Webcrawler - Partner of Excite. View 25 per page. Tool box. Deja News button, Stock Active.
YAHOO - * The Best - 1/3 (NO LONGER - GOOGLE PULLS AHEAD) of your traffic will come from this source BUT now you HAVE to pay 199.00 NOW 299.00 RECURRING annually to get your site reviewed. :-( - No longer worth the money, since they are using Google results...submit to Google for FREE. January 2004 back to using their own database. So Yahoo submission again worth the price.

Meta Search Engines - They just search other serach engines:
Dog Pile - Submit for $14.95
Canada - Now using GoTo/LookSmart/FindWhat results.
Highway 61 -Virtual mirror, search (time) selector, interfused thoughts.
Mamma - Leading picks from the best resources.
Savvy Search - c|net search.com Featuring 10 Overture results, then Meta - thunderstone, altavista, about, ask jeevesCan submit to Alexa, Anzwers Direct Hit, Fast, Google, HotBot, Lycos, NationalDirectory and WhatUSeek at No Charge.
Snap - No longer can you join as editor. Now returns top 10 results from all other search engines.
Palkey - ??? Not too much for me...

Pay Per Click Search Engines:
ah-ha - New bid for placement. Was owned by MyFamily.com now Enhance.com
Big What - "Next" button doesn't work.
Find What - New, blue, golden and no mold-in.
Hooting Owl - Not off the ground yet.
Hotbot - Submit for $39.00 per year. Part of the Lycos network. Now Pay-Per-Click Only. Thumbs Down!!
LookSmart - Charges 199.00 to review your site and hardly worth it. You will then, supposedly, be listed in AltaVista, Excite, iWon & MSN - 3 months later, I didn't see any improvement. Now PPC but not returning any results so why bother.
Lycos - Submit for $35.00. Now Pay-Per-Click Only. Thumbs Down!!
Overture(GoTo/GO/InfoSeek) - You bid a price then pay that amount for each click to your site. I have been very opposed to this from the start, but now the larger search engine, such as InfoSeek and Go are using their result. So what can you do? Now AltaVisa, AOL, HotBot, iWon, Lycos, Netscape, Savvy Search, MSN and YAHOO all feature GoTo(Overture)'s result - which means if you bid within the top 3 spots in GoTo, you will show before general results of the search engines just listed. Amazing!
Best Of the Web NOW Engine 54 - now working
Sprinks - About.com pay per click - bid placement search engine

Gone - Not Worth It - Irrelivant
Magellan - They are no longer!.
Northern Light - Lists articles, etc only. No commercial sites.
WordPond - Gone - goes to Ebay

Librarian's Index*
IRBS - Boating website search engine, uses DMOZ which is used by Google Directory
L3xicon.com - a web thesaurus and lexicon listing - New Jan 2004 Cool Refreshing Twist on how to search the Net!
All The Web - Can submit at no charge - relevant searches. **
Ask Jeeves - Submit for $30.00 .
Curry Guide - Free Submit
Direct Hit - Ask Jeeves.
Kinder Start Directory and Search Engine for Parents and Caregivers
My City - More like a phone listing - doesn't link to sites?
National Directory - Free submission!*

- Industrial Supply Search

Ezilion Search
Scrub The Web
Info Tiger - Add url not working.
Go2net - Network and Metacrawler.
A Buzz - Question, answer network.
Info Please - Encyclopedia- dictionary and news behind the news.
Inference Find - Parallel search engine that then weighs results.
Seek On - Small business promotion engine.
Search Europe - European financial news, what's new, cool and random link.

Starting Page - Google- Direct Hit rotation with a Real Name on top.
Zipee - Gov guides and site network.
Seek 123 - Portal separate and specialties.

Deja News - Discussion comparison by searching or browsing.
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