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If we did not create your site, we will need to go through each page and add or reword your title, meta description, meta keywords, image alt tags and possibly some of the content on your pages so that each page is targeting one of your keyword phrases.

You need to decide before launching your website what keywords you want to achieve.

When sites are designed in some html editors unneeded html tags can be placed on your pages adding content/words that are not relevant to your site. That can hurt your placement in the search engines. One customer came to me and said no one could see his site. You had to scroll one page to the right and four pages down to see his front page. He had made so many changes to his front page in a very popular html editor that there were now four pages of unnecessary html code confusing the browser to where it was not displaying properly.

This is why we hand write all of our html so you are assured of the best possible placement in all search engines and most consistent view of your website in all web browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape etc.

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